Nad Tatrou sa blýska

Dávame do pozornosti štyri podujatia zamerané na Slovensko, ktoré si počas septembra/októbra pripravila knižnica Muntpunt. Nižšie nájdete detailný program. Podujatia sú zadarmo, no je potrebné registrovať sa.

Program podujatí

Masterclass Slovakia (LECTURE)

Abram Muller is a true Slovakia expert: he knows the country like the back of his hand. Come to Muntpunt for an introduction to the history, culture and literature of Slovakia that will fascinate both devotees and laymen. Afterwards, join us for the festive opening reception of the Slovak festival Lightning over the Tatras: Nice to meet EU, Slovakia! and taste our special selection of Slovak wines and snacks.

Practical info

when: 28.09, 18:00 – 21:00
where: Muntpunt, Agora 0
entrance: free, reservation required
extra: this event is Dutch spoken

Puppet theatre: Mia en de verloren sleutel (THEATRE)

The Belgian-Slovak puppeteers of Kukulu tell the adventurous tale of Mia and her friend Snuitje. Together, they try to retrieve the key of her home from the very impolite Mr. Rat.

Practical info

who: children ages 3 and up
when: 01.10, 15:00 – 16:00
where: Muntpunt, De Wolken +5
entrance: free, reservation required
extra: this event is Dutch spoken

Meet the Author: Peter Krištúfek (EN) (LECTURE)

Muntpunt invites Slovak film maker and writer Peter Krištúfek. In 2017, his successful novel ‘The House of the Deaf Man’ will be published in Dutch. The book narrates the turbulent history of Slovakia in the 20th century. A son visits his father’s house, only to make a gruesome discovery. There are bones buried in the garden, but whose are they? He soon finds out that his father has some skeletons in the cupboard. Translator Benjamin Bossaert asks the author about his work, the past, the political future of Slovakia and the role of literature in Slovak culture.

Benjamin Bossaert teaches Dutch lanquage acquisition and culture at Comenius University in Bratislava. Right now, he is working on the Dutch translation of ‘Slovensky’ by Richard Rychtarech for publishing house Don Ki Chod.

Practical info

when: 04.10, 20:00 – 22:00
where: Muntpunt, Literair Salon +1 (Schildknaap building)
entrance: free, reservation required
organisation: Muntpunt & Don Ki Chod
extra: this event is English spoken

Documentary: Osadné (EN) (FILM)

On the far eastern border of Slovakia lies Osadné, a tiny town with big dreams. The mayor and priest join forces to rekindle the fire in their community. Director Marko Skop follows the two men on their quest, which leads them all the way to the political heart of Europe. After the screening, we talk about the film with Roeland Termote, Eastern European correspondent for NRC Handelsblad.

Osadné (SK/CZ, 2009, 65 min.)
Director: Marko Skop
Slovak spoken, English subtitles

Practical info

when: 06.10, 19:30 – 21:30
where: Muntpunt, De Wolken +5
entrance: free, reservation required
extra: this event is English spoken

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